About 60 of us talked about the ideas behind Something Beyond Greatness on July 23 in at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Cinnaminsin, New Jersey.    One woman shared a story about how her car had broken down on a busy freeway a few years ago.  Within minutes a truck driver crossed several lanes of traffic to help her.  He pushed her over to the edge of the road, and when she climbed out of her car to thank him, he was gone.  Another woman talked about her father’s funeral.  The family was stunned when person after person stood up to talk about the things her father had done to help them.  The family had no idea of the dozens of people whose lives had been changed by his generosity.  One man came up quietly after the book signing to say that he wondered how people acquired the courage we talk about in the book.  We told him that our research suggests that the generosity and love that is at the heart of heroism and altruism is innate in each person, and that it emerges naturally when we don’t think too much or talk ourselves out of what we are naturally drawn to do.